My Personal Pages 




I've had so many request. 

so a new picture of me coming soon!!! 

This ones to me !!! 

Then as I always say stick a fork in it, I'm done !!! 

Then pat my self on the back hahahahaha 

I think I deserve that. 


This will be my personal family photo album,. 

So my family and friends can log in to access our photos.. 

I am now working on this photo album  

So come back and stay tune for the newest updates. 

I hope to see my family and friends check the picture albums. 

As soon as I do, I will let you all know. 

I will try to keep it updated as I get new pictures from my family.  

Access to the albums is by request only. 



REASON I'm doing this is so we can enjoy our pictures 

With out having to worry about prying eyes of strangers 

I will Contact you later with the new information.  

I know how we all are, 

were very hoggy when it comes to our pictures.hahaha 

Time to share a few with me, so I can post them. 

I will see how this photo album goes 

So far, I think the albums are doing pretty good. 

After the posted albums have been viewed they  

will stay up for later viewing.  


I should have plently of room for the albums. 

look at the camera button thats the one that takes  

you to the next page about each available album. 

I have uploaded onto the other site. 

On each page notice the camera button, 

click on it to get info on the next available album.  

It will be like this for a while until I can figure out something else 

My plan A and plan B all BACKFIRED on me LMAO 

Didnt take me long to adapt for plan C  

Then there was plan D. 

Does this sound complicated?. 

Trust me, yes it was and so confusing to think of a way. 

to do all of this. 

Then I had to adapt to the next level. 

Which was Moving my site to here. 

On my other site they have my log in crap all messed up. 

Im just now waiting to hear back from them so I can do a few more things to it. 

Then that site probably will be history, wiped out, gone, nothing there anymore. 

Unless, I can figure out something else for it. 

Stay tune for all the latest updates as they become available. 

Ok,this is for everyone. I will be adding up a scenery photo album. 

I hope it should be like a photo album that automatically turns the pages. 

Everyone loves to look at nature and wildlife. So, stay tune here. 

I will keep you posted right here also.  

I am not sure as of now, how many photos that thing will hold. 

When I get those pictures up and showing if anybody out there, 

likes viewing my photos, would you please be helpful and send me,  

some of your "nature" and "wildlife" photos to share with everyone? 

I would be honered to show them proudly,just a couple would be fine. 

I will wait to see if anyone out theres willing to help share our world with others thats never gotton the honor to view it for them selves. 

I'm not asking for anything, only to share with others!!! 

After I get this going, I am thinking about doing a puzzle from a random photo. Just keep checking back here because you never can tell what I liables to do next. 

Thanks,I appreciate you all !!!  


Hey everyone I am almost back on track, woooohooo!!! 

I been so busy working on this site.. 

My link below is back working. 


Then, I will add my other photo albums so you can stay updated. 

Till later! (In French)-AU REVOIR MES AMIS ! :>). 

(In English) Good Bye My Friends!