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Facts about Louisiana  

State Bird----Brown Pelican  

State Dog----Catahoula Leopard Dog or Catahoula Hound  

State Tree---Bald Cypress  

State Nickname- Pelican State  

State Song----Give Me Louisiana and, You are my sunshine  

State Flower--Magnolia  

State Insect--Honeybee  


Were justa little place on this huge big ole world ! 

We have Native history here too  


We have a Indian Resouvor. Its not very far from the Macon & the bayous. It was the perfect layout back then for the Natives to live. ( Now its a Louisiana State Park )that was built years ago by native Indians that lived here. The Tribe members come for a visit to it fairly regular. Its got lots of trails up in it where you can see for you own eyes things that the Indians did, only with hand made tools. They were very smart at building it I will have to say so my self. From air planes they say if you look down upon the middle of it looks like a Eagle and its fairly huge. Theres also alot of pottery, hand woven baskets and just about any thing you can think of to do with Indian Heritage. ( I been going to post pictures of it for so long. Just when I do, my pictures dont turn out to good. I will try again maybe one day I can show you. Anyways were just a small country town here, were not a big city at all. We live in the fast pace of southern traditions, with layed back easy attitudes !!! If any of you are ever in louisian, you should visit this park, its a wonderful place for a family outing esp for the kids, and adults alike. Remember this, True friends are as rare and hard to find as diamonds !  

(Sportmuns Pare'Re'Dise) 

Stay tuned, theres more to come from the southlands. 

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