COMING SOON. I will be adding some pictures of A Few of my finished projects that I have completed.

UPDATED 11-20-2007 KITCHEN TOWELS, POT PLANT DOILY, SWIFFER DUSTER SOON TO BE COPYWRITED AND FOR SALE SOON I DESIGNED THIS MY SELF (THE PICTURE IS FUZZY AND PIXILATED FOR A REASON), AND 6 PACK HOT MAT. Here are a few projects that I have finished, but there some that I have that are still wip's. It always seems that I want to start on something else once I start on another new project. ( I have alot of patterns, they should keep me busy for a long time). Some of these I free handed and there for, I do not have any patterns for them. Who knows, maybe one day I will write the patterns down and post them. (smile)


If your interested in any of my finished products that I have crocheted, email me for a price quote, your desired color preference. It will take me a few days to contact you back. U.S.A. money orders only, and pay pal soon to join my page for easy ordering. ( I dont ship outside the U.S. ) State sales tax where you live will be applied. (Sorry, but my Fluffy Ruffles Clown is not for sale).

Air Freshener Doll, for sale

Baby Afghan, for sale ( My own design )

Camo Hat, ( My own design )

Camo Ski Hat, for sale by special request , ( My own design )

CheckBook Cover for sale, ( My own design )

Cross Bookmarker for sale ( My own design )

Fluffy Ruffles the clown, ( My own design)not for sale

Happy Valentine Day Doll, for sale

Hunter Orange Ski Mask, ( My own design,) for sale

Hunter Orange Ski Mask, ( My own design,) for sale

Kitchen Towel Topper, ( My own design,) for sale


Purple Card Pouch, For Sale, ( My own design ), This holds 2 sets of playing cards very nicely, or one large set,

Purple Digital Camera Case, (its my own design,) for sale

Purple Star Yarn Doily for sale

My First Doily


duster, this item is for sale ( and is my own design,) the pattern will soon be available to order, as soon as I rewrite the instructions to send in for copywrites.

Ivory pineapples

countrykitty for sale, this is my own design

dishcover, its my own design its for a round dish, a holder with carrying handles

hotmat for sale, made from the plastic coke holders, its my own design, very friendly with very hot dishes,

plant protector doily, for sale, its my own design

dishtowel, for sale, its my own design

Coming Soon